The Art of Possibility

von Benjamin Zander & Rosamund Stone Zander

Am Anfang
„A shoe factory sends two marketing scouts to a region of Africa to study the prospects of expanding business. One sends back a telegram saying,

Situation hopeless STOP No one wears shoes

The other writes back triumphantly,

Glorious business opportunity STOP They have no shoes

To the marketing expert who sees no shoes, all the evidence points to hopelessness. To his colleague, the same conditions point to abundance and possibility. Each scout comes to the scene with his own perspective; each returns telling a different tale. Indeed, all of life comes to us in narrative form; it´s a story we tell.“

Am Ende
Kein Lifestyle-Ratgeber, sondern ein Buch des Dirigenten Benjamin Zander und der Psychotherapeutin Rosamund Stone Zander, das einen nicht nur lehrt, leidenschaftlich zu kommunizieren, sondern auch, sich selbst nicht zu wichtig zu nehmen (Rule No. 6) und mehr klassische Musik zu hören.